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Miriam Novalle

High Tea
Founder & CEO
In 1992 Miriam Novalle founded the T Salon in New York City. Creating a unique and thriving business by introducing the traditional rituals of tea drinking to the American market. Dubbed a “Tea Guru” by the New York Times, Ms. Novalle has used her experience as a self-taught nose to create harmonious blends of tea.

Miriam has been part of many successful business ventures,including the launch of a world famous fragrance called “Listen,” for Herb Alpert and Company, helping to make it a multimillion-dollar organization. In addition to being a successful entrepreneur, Miriam has revolutionized the tea industry with her vision of eco-friendly business practices embracingthe “green” way of life. Recently, Miriam has introduced High Tea, a line of teas containing Hemp CBD.

The vision for High Tea began with a spark of imagination when founder & CEO Miriam Novalle discovered the wonders of infusing hemp CBD with her health-conscious line of organic sustainable gourmet tea blends. Nine years ago when Miriam’s sister was diagnosed with ovarian cancer, she witnessed her struggle through various treatments. As she tended to her ill sister, Novalle was determined to create a cushion to soften the effects of chemotherapy as her sister lost the ability to participate in daily life activities through rigorous treatment. When she realized the reactive powers of cannabinoids with the brain, inspiration came next. The development of High Tea was born. Miriam created a line of CBD infused tea blends that have been found to have many uses and healthful benefits, including the reduction of anxiety, nausea and inflammation, pain relief, and improved quality of sleep. High Tea is now used for relaxation before and after yoga sessions, by accupuncture clinics and wellness centers, by cancer, chemotherapy and parkinsons patients, and in some of the worlds’ finest restaurants and hotels. This journey of creation, inspired by the wellness of those in need, has resulted in a varietyof loose leaf blends, organic sustainable teabags and bottled cold-brewed iced tea blends. Each blend containing it’s own unique burst of flavor with a side of the calming effects producedby CBD extracts.

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