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Chef Payton Curry

Flourish Cannabis

America has proven a new attitude towards Cannabis, with legalization for either medicinal or recreational use popping up on ballots across the country. Americans are ready for a new type of entrepreneur with this economic and cultural advance and Payton Curry is a rising star in the field.

With a tale straight out of a Steinbeck novel, Curry is the product of a middle class, Midwestern upbringing complete with a high school football captaincy and a bright future. As a young adult, Payton began to cultivate a career in the culinary arts, attending the prestigious Culinary Institute of America where he was class president and president of the Gourmet Society. Brash and brilliant, Curry cooked and climbed his way to the top, owning a popular eatery in Scottsdale, AZ, and consulting on extraordinary projects.

Cannabis had always had a place in Payton’s life, but health concerns caused Curry to re-examine his diet and habits, forgoing alcohol and turning his skills and acumen towards Cannabis and the therapeutic properties possessed by this incredible vegetable. Armed with an arsenal of culinary skills, Curry began creating small batches of non-ethanol tinctures, a business that blossomed into Flourish Cannabis, the preeminent producer of edible Cannabis products in the United States.

Curry is pushing the envelope of the edible Cannabis field, and changing the narrative surrounding Cannabis in the process. Treating Cannabis as the vegetable it is, Curry has mainstreamed Cannabis products and uses his talents to create everything from savory sauces to confections and petit-fors. As part of his platform, Curry holds back twenty percent of Flourish for a staff contribution which benefits the employees of Flourish and the communities in which they live and work. While edible Cannabis products are the focus of Flourish, Curry is pioneering his field and attempting to shatter a century worth of negative programming and stigma surrounding his beloved plant.

Quick-witted and charming, bold and daring, Payton Curry was recently named the Best Cannabis Chef in America for 2018 by the SF Chronicle.

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